Highs n’ Lows

Oh glorious heights, the peak o’ sun-kissed mount
Where air is clear and peace reins in the mind…
A quick tongue-flick and inspired pleasures count –
But here the poet dawdles, unrefined.

Too spoiled ye are in happiness so high…
So venture lower, low to darkened woods…
And cautious tread while lips may taste and try
And tap the the bitter sap brought by these goods.

What is this depth to which the poet sinks…
It’s like the fears pervading happy thought
Which root there, strangulate. The poet thinks
To hide they’s head in dirt – but brings ’em nought…

Lift ye eyes to revel in the low,
And see the highs above with different view.
For both spur on the poet with good flow
And flow it shall – lows shall not run ye through.

Highs n’ Lows

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